New Clay Book

Our Mothers' Dresses

    Member Leontyne (Clay) Peck, of Charlottesville, Virginia, has completed her second book on the Clays and it is available for purchase.

     Leontyne's first book, Silver Children-The African American Family of Henry Clay looked at the family and origins of Henry Clay, a free man of color in Madison County, Virginia.

     Today, she takes us a step or two further with her journey to find her DNA ancestors -- African, European, and American.  Our Mothers' Dresses carries forward from Silver Children and also introduces us to her "found cousins" in the Clay Family.  Many photos of "our mothers" appear in the book, and yes, their dresses!

     For an autographed copy, email Leontyne or order from her publisher at:

 Get yours now!


The Ninth Gathering of the Clay Family Society at the Resort at Glade Springs June 9-12, 2016

was an amazing success. Over fifty members, plus a few guests, took the trek to West Virginia to investigate the Mitchell and Phoebe (Belcher) Clay family, as well as a great program for Clay genealogy in general and DNA in particular. Thanks to Mary (Frost) Akers for putting together this Gathering, and to David and Christine Clay (from Mansfield, Notts, England) for gifting us with their presence, talent, and humour. Thanks to Jennifer Zinck, a professional genealogist specializing in DNA, for her incredible knowledge and willingness to share with us. Read some of her blogs here.

   We are planning several changes in our DNA project, and in this website! Stay Tuned.


View of a common stone wall and pasture in the English Midlands. [Photo courtesy]

Clay Family Gathering 2018

2018 is going to be a great year! The board of the Clay Family Society is traveling to the Midlands of England this summer to find the "perfect place" for the 2018 Clay Family Gathering. There are several families of Clays in the counties surrounding Derbyshire, and we consider that to be a good starting point.

Since most of the Clays represented in the Society appear to come from England, and we have several English Clays participating along with the American Clays in our CFS Genetic Genealogy study, who knows what the next year will bring. Watch for more news after June -- we hope you will consider joining us!